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SWR Pipe
SWR Pipe

To add strength and durability, we uses latest state-of-the-art equipment & virgin material and produce, which is hardly to find in market at any other system.

The unique UV stabilized compound, improves the weather ability of the SWR system, and improves the life span even when installed in tough climatic condition.

The inside surface of the SWR system is quite smooth and unique. It offers choke-free system with no extra maintenance cost.

SWR system joints are specially designed so that any soil settlement is not able to lead breakages, leakages or seepages.

SWR system is chemical and acid resistant with long life span.

The SWR system are known for their quality, R&D and product innovation for over 30 years.

SWR system, form a part of a comprehensive range of pipe systems manufactured by Aditya Industries to provide everlasting solutions for builders in their construction sector.

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SWR Pipe